About Us

About Us

AMBIKA MULTI STATE HEALTH SERVICES FOR THE WEAKER SECTION CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED was registered on 14/09/2020 in the following registration number MSCS/CR/1300/2020 under Govt. of India. As far as concerned we have extended our services to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, also we are planning to facilitate other state people also to avail the facilities at the earliest.


AMBIKA MULTI STATE HEALTH SERVICES FOR THE WEAKER SECTION CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED has been formed with the primary objectives of ‘self-help’ and ‘mutual aid’ and ‘Co-operation’ among its members creating medical facilities.  The co-operative movement is one of the largest organized segments of civil society and plays a crucial role across a wide spectrum of human aspiration and need. Co-operative medical services provide to the members who are weaker in the society of the Rural and Urban people at reasonable cost.

Health is the foremost the basic needs of human beings. Nowadays people belonging to middle income group and lower middle income group and economically weaker section find it very difficult to avail medical services in the place of their choice due to escalation in the costs of the fees, medicines and physicians transportation etc and want to betterment medical services at reasonable cost at nearer to their location. The vision of society includes the financial inclusion of excluded sections of our society by using relatively lesser interest mechanism for the achievement of the national mission of inclusive growth.




The aims of the society are required, needed, necessary, essential indispensable, requisite indicate something vital for the fulfilment of a need.

In economics, a necessity good (or) a necessary good is a type of normal goal. Necessity goods are products and services that consumers will be regardless of the changes in their come levels, therefore making these products less sensitive to income change.

Many people do also face a problem to lack of medical services in Rural and Urban areas. The society aims at helping people with weaker economic background to get good medical services at an affordable cost.


 The main object of the society is to help every individual to get good and best medical services. It has a vision to create an opportunity for everyone to prevent and control of all the diseases for the weaker section of the Rural and Urban area people.

So in order to provide such people the medical services free and reasonable prices for Low economic people at Rural and Urban areas.


What is the necessity to register with Our Society?

To enable the society to implement aforesaid medical services schemes in all Rural and Urban areas of Tamil Nadu and adjacent Karnataka states.

Now-a-days all medical facilities available on urban areas only not available Rural areas. So AMBIKA MULTI STATE HEALTH SERVICES FOR THE WEAKER SECTION CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED concentrates and focusing lack of Medical facilities areas in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.