Future Goals

Due to non-accessibility to public health care and low quality of health care services, a majority of people in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka turn to the local private health sector as their first choice of care. If we look at the health landscape of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka 92 percent of health care visits are to private providers of which 70 percent is urban population. However, private health care is expensive, often unregulated and variable in quality. Besides being unreliable for the illiterate, it is also unaffordable by low income rural folks.

To control the spread of diseases and reduce the growing rates of mortality due to lack of adequate health facilities, special attention needs to be given to the health care in rural areas. The key challenges in the health care sector are low quality of care, poor accountability, lack of awareness, and limited access to facilities.

Further most improving poor socio-Economic people development and Health Infrastructure, medical (or) Health care manpower and other allied resources are concentrated in rural and urban areas.

AMBIKA MULTI STATE HEALTH SERVICES FOR THE WEAKER SECTION CO.OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED concentrates on health, hygiene, education and lifestyle for poor socio-economic Rural and Urban people.

    The Health status of Indians is still a matter for grave concern, especially that of the Rural populations.

Our future goal is to eliminate all the barriers for the weaker sections and provide them all the benefits available with good quality and bring the best benefit out of it.